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Interior Services  
Check electricity (Circuit Breakers)  

Run water & check for leaks  

Check water heater & laundry closet  

Check furnace/air conditioner  

Check thermostat  

Check air conditioner overflow  

Turn on all faucets & flush toilets  

Run garbage disposal  

Check refrigerator & icemaker  

Inspect fire/smoke/carbon alarms & batteries  

Water all indoor plants  

Post Earthquake Check
(greater than 5.0)

Exterior services  
Remove flyers or other advertising from property  

Inspect windows & doors  

General check
(pest, pool, landscaping)

Start vehicles and check tires  

Charge golf cart (monthly)  

Check cart tires and battery  
Prior to your return  
Air out your home  

Arrange for cleaning  


Phone: 714 404-9578

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We have a four month minimum to allow for consistency in scheduling.

From time to time owners express that they do not feel they need the services during times that they have their unit rented but we find that this is not the case. In fact, this is a critical time to have your property independently inspected. Often times renters may be reluctant to report issues that might be small to start with, like a small leak or electrical short but can become bigger issues if not addressed.
Be sure to let us know if you have special needs that require attention at your home.