Compliments from our customers.

“My wife and I live in Canada and use our Condo in Palm Springs for part of the year during the winter months, however there are some months it sits empty. Desert Home Watcher has been invaluable to us in that it gives us peace of mind that our property is being cared for when we are not there. Tom has proven to be reliable, proactive and trustworthy and treats our property like it is his own. Tom has nipped in the bud small issues that could have escalated into larger problems if we did not have Desert Home Watcher.

Desert Home Watcher has also been very important when we have had visitors in the Condo as they have been a great point of contact for our guests to assist if there are an issues or concerns when we are back home in Canada. Desert Home Watcher also helps to coordinate access into the condo for cleaners and maintenance personnel and they ensure our Condo is secured and properly closed up once the visitors leave. The inspection reports provided are comprehensive and I especially like the inclusion of pictures in the reports.

My wife and I are happy to recommend Desert Home Watcher to anyone who owns property in Coachella Valley as the it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.”

Thank you
Brent Baim
Edmonton, Alberta

Tom, I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service you have provided during last 5 months. It's extremely reassuring to have someone keeping tabs on my condo who not only regularly checks for issues, but also takes a proactive approach and resolves minor issues before they develop in to bigger problems. I really appreciate the regular reports with your findings, pictures and the response you've taken to address any issues encountered. By the way, thanks for dealing with the Black Widow spider! It's a bit nerve wracking being so far away from my property, but having someone like you monitoring things certainly takes away a lot of the stress. You came highly recommended, but I have to say that you exceeded my expectations.

Now I just need to find someone like you to look after my house in Canada while I'm in Palm Springs.

Pat J. O'Brien
Edmonton, Alberta

Phone: 760 239-9229

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